Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome to Infinity Scents

Welcome to Infinity Scents!  Infinity Scents is home to the most luxurious hand-crafted soaps.  We specialize in creating beautiful soaps that will add just the precise amount of elegance to your shower.

We carry exotic scents that you won't find anywhere else.  Our Strawberries and Champagne bath bar will leave your skin smelling  like that chic little boutique you love.  The embedded loofah will caress your skin and the results will be impressive. This is a summer MUST-HAVE for polished and smooth skin.

You'll also find your favorite scents that remind you of youthful summer days.  Lemon VerbenaGardenia, and Cherry Cobbler??  Yes, please!!

Please feel free to browse the shop and find your signature scent!